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About Maria Shebets


From the windows of her home nestled in Malta, Maria Shebets catches glimpses of the emerald green waters and rugged shores that shape this tranquil Mediterranean island. Nature and her elements are a constant source of inspiration, and its energy is threaded into each garment of Maria’s eponymous label and into her every day.
A graduate of the historical Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, Maria has always been drawn to the ways in which clothes are more than just practical objects. Beyond wrapping our body - today as in centuries past, our attire holds the power to express deeply personal stories in quietly simple ways. From the cut of a silhouette to the shade of a colour, for Maria, what we wear is essentially a love letter to a particular mood and moment in time.

A purveyor of slow living and unhurried moments, Maria seeks to connect with the simple joys of life, even if but for an instant in each day – this, for her, is the true hallmark of a life well-lived, capturing it in the dresses she dreams up.