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Every single one of our actions leads to an effect, which is why we embrace a conscious approach towards everything that we do at Maria Shebets.

In this spirit, we integrate a responsible attitude across all stages of our production process, as well as towards all people and brands that we connect with across our journey – from the concept idea to the moment you unwrap each Maria Shebets dress chosen. Now more than ever, it is essential to step through each day with gestures that speak of respect and integrity, to ensure that what we accomplish today will positively ripple through to the generations of tomorrow.


Our people

Behind everything that we create lies the expertise of human hands, and we strive to ensure that every person’s work is valued and that their rights and dignity are fully respected. We only collaborate with partners that stand for equitable living wages and appropriate working conditions, while we pursue a brand culture that places the health and wellbeing of each of our team members at its core. We champion beauty in all of its forms, and seek to respect human diversity in its every shape and aspect.


Our heritage

We founded Maria Shebets because we have never believed in buying mass-produced dresses that have little regard for the incredible attention-to-detail that a true sartorial garment should embody. Our intention is to share our appreciation for immaculately cut clothes with the world, which is why we rigorously produce everything in Italy, a country renowned the world over for its fashion heritage and craftsmanship. Our atelier is where a small team of experienced seamstresses carefully stitch our ideas to life, with each dress taking up to a month to complete.