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Our vision is founded on the belief that clothes are more than just about function and style. Rather, all that we wear is like a secret love letter from a particular time and place, expressing the state of our soul.


The beauty of each Maria Shebets garment is that each holds the fragment of a moment lived in the life of the founder herself. By wearing our creations, you are reliving the magic of a particular instant - one defined by elegance and simplicity, and inspired by a Mediterranean island, its rhythms, its nature and its elusive bliss.


Each garment is stitched in our atelier in Italy using carefully selected premium fabrics that embrace a conscious approach to production. This means that we only create each style in small, limited quantities and that our capsule collections are timeless, designed to be styled season after season and beyond.


Feminine yet practical, our dresses are conceived to be effortlessly worn all through your day – whether strolling the streets of your favourite city by day, or sipping rooftop terrace drinks by night. Weave personal threads into your Maria Shebets dress and write new love letters to stories that will be remembered by your heart for seasons to come.